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Eden Valley

The Eden Valley is an area of remarkable and rugged beauty, with rolling hills and valleys, dotted with century old gum trees. The region is renowned for producing wines of great finesse, elegance & delicacy.

At an altitude of around 500 metres, the growing season is much cooler than that of its neighbour the Barossa Valley. Being that much higher than the valley floor means that the growing season is about 2-3 weeks later and therefore has the advantage of a much cooler ripening period creating wines with elegance and longevity.

Eden Valley covers much the same area as the Barossa Valley, but is less developed. Annual rainfall is on average about 700 - 800mm, approximately 150mm higher than that of the Barossa valley floor. Soils are ancient and diverse – grey brown podzolic to weathered rock, sandy / clay loams & quartz gravel. Vines were first planted in the region in 1842 by Joseph Gilbert at what is now known as the Pewsey Vale vineyard.

The Eden Valley is about 90 minutes drive north east of Adelaide, South Australia.