A Little About Us

A brief outline of bio-dynamics:

Bio-dynamics, or BD as most devotee’s / practicioners call it, began in 1924 after Rudolph Steiner was approached by a number of traditional European farmers who enlisted his help to find a solution to the ravages of chemical farming practices on their soil, food crops & livestock. The basic principles are outlined below:

- Soil fertility and soil health are the foundations of BD – healthy soil = healthy crops.

- This is achieved by using plant, animal and mineral substances which are made into various preparations (labelled 500 – 508) and composting animal manures

- The principles of BD farming are both physical and intuitive and encompass the farm as a whole

- BD farmers work with moon rhthyms and astrological influences when planting, harvesting and growing crops. As the moon has an influence on ocean tides so it influences the sap flow of plants.

- Many of these practices date back centuries and are being embraced again in an attempt to re-invigorate soils, strengthen plants, crops and livestock and create balanced healthy soils.

For more information visit: www.biodynamics.net.au